# Managing global settings

Global settings for plugins and features are managed from General > Settings in the main navigation of the admin panel.

# Configuring Single Sign-On Gold (opens new window)

Single Sign-On (SSO) can be made available on a Strapi application to allow administrators to authenticate through an identity provider (e.g. Microsoft Azure Active Directory).

SSO settings

To configure the SSO feature settings:

  1. Go to the Global settings > Single Sign-On area of the settings interface.
  2. Define your chosen new settings:
Setting name Instructions
Auto-registration 点击 ON to allow the automatic creation of a new Strapi administrator when an SSO login does not match an existing Strapi administrator account. If this setting is set on OFF, new Strapi administrators accounts must be created manually beforehand.
Default role Choose among the drop-down list the role to attribute by default to auto-registrated Strapi administrators through SSO login.