# Installing using Platform.sh

Platform.sh (opens new window) gives you an easy way to get started and deploy your Strapi application.

You can find the template source code (opens new window) on Platform.sh GitHub 了解详情.

# Step 1: Create a Platform.sh account

You must have a Platform.sh (opens new window) account before doing these steps.

# Step 2: Create a project

You can use the One-Click button or follow these steps.

Deploy on Platform.sh
  • 点击 + Add project button
  • Select Use a template option and click Next
  • 填充 your Project name and Region then click Next

Choose Strapi template.

Search for the Strapi template using the search bar.

  • 点击 the search bar
  • 填充 strapi
  • 选择 Strapi template
  • Click Next


After few second a Strapi application will be setup with a PostgreSQL database.

# Step 3: Visit your app

Now to visit your application.

  • 点击 Settings
  • 然后 Domains 在左边的菜单里

You will see the Platform.sh domain name that is used for your app.